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Interior and Exterior Sunscreens in Utah

Interior and exterior applications are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The superior sun and heat repelling characteristics of our sunscreens allow maximum enjoyment of any area where sunlight and heat from the sun is an issue. And they’re more affordable than you might think!

Interior Manual Shades

Interior Manual Shades have a clutch system that is operated by a continuous loop bead chain which makes opening and closing the shade as easy as pulling a chain. Simply pull down on one side of the chain to raise the shade and then down again on the opposite side to lower it. Different size clutches allow the smallest shades to the largest shades to be lifted with very little effort. All of our Interior Manual Shades are available with a fascia option that is offered in 5 standard colors. Polar Shades also offers custom colors for an upcharge. The fascia also has a fabric wrapped option available.

Exterior Manual Shades

Exterior Manual Shades come with either a clutch system (light duty exterior shade) or a manual crank using a worm gear for ease of operation. The manual crank has an eyelet that a crank wand is inserted into that raises or lowers the shade to the desired height. The crank is rotated in one direction to raise and then reverse the rotation to lower the shade.


Not only does window covering motorization offer our customers comfort, convenience and control, it also provides solutions to problems they face every day.

• Easily adjust hard-to-reach window coverings
• Conveniently manage glare
• Effortlessly adjust window coverings
• Automatically protect furnishings
• Instantly create privacy
• Reduce energy costs
• Increase security


There is a number of different manual and motorized control options
for your sunshades.

  • • Continuous loop bead chain
  • • Manual crank
  • • Chain

Colors and Styles

There are many colors and styles to choose from for your sunshades.

  • Polar Shades Fabric Inspirations Collection
  • Solar fabrics
  • Light filtering fabrics
  • Blackout fabrics (Ask a representative to help you choose which one is right for you.)

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